3rd Saturdays: When crafty people attend the Farmers Market

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By Deanna Godman

Craft Day at the Taylorsville Farmers Market was started in 2009 with the idea, according to Farmers Market Chair Sandi Deutsch, of “bringing more interest and variety into the farmers market.”


The market has grown since it began, but Deutsch is looking for ways to bring more people downtown for the market.

“We’re trying to find ways to make coming to downtown Taylorsville something fun to do for the whole family,” said Deutsch. She would like to make the Taylorsville Farmers Market into a festival atmosphere like some of the more successful markets around the country. This means not only bringing in craft items, but food vendors and musicians.

“We would like to have people play music,” said Deutsch. “There’s so much talent in Taylorsville. I’d like to work with that and make it a festival.”

“I’d like to see people, for example, in the fall to decorate wreaths or gourds or teach people at the market,” said Deutsch.

There is currently one food vendor, Holy Smokes Barbecue, who sets up at the Taylorsville Farmers Market. The response so far has been good.

Sarah Fauber, of RiverSong Farm, sells earrings, hemp necklaces and anklets and pendants at the farm’s booth on craft days. In the fall, she will have crocheted hats and scarves.

“I like to work with natural gemstones and natural fibers,” said Fauber.

Her pendants are wire-wrapped natural gemstones. Her hemp jewelry is similar to macramé but on a smaller scale.

“This method showcases the stone so much better than pronged jewelry,” said Fauber.

“I started this as a hobby making jewelry for myself and my friends. Then I realized I had an overabundance,” said Fauber. “It’s a great creative outlet and to have someone else who wants to buy it. It’s very exciting.”

These are small scale crafts so they are not especially time consuming for a farmer to do in her spare time, something that Fauber notes is rare in the summer months. Fauber also sews and quilts, but those crafts are more time intensive and therefore need to be sold at a higher price. The nature of the farmers market lends itself to more impulse item sized crafts.

Fauber can make her jewelry while visiting with friends or watching television in the evenings during the summer. She actually was able to make several pendants and earrings at the farmers market in August because the craft is so portable. Summertime is more suitable for small scale projects that do not take a lot of her time or attention.

“Winter is a great time to get into more time consuming projects,” said Fauber.

Craft Day at the Taylorsville Farmers Market occurs on the third Saturday of the month during market season. Non-agriculture vendors are allowed on those days to bring their non-agricultural crafts to the market. Agricultural vendors are allowed to bring their crafts to any farmer market day.

Craft Day vendors are charged a $10 fee to participate. Vendors must provide all their own equipment, such as tables, chairs or umbrellas. Contact the extension office, Main Street or any farmers market vendor for information about an application.