Ag Tag program benefits local 4-H, FFA groups

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Submitted to the Spencer Magnet

In February, Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer asked farmers across the Commonwealth to step up and make the “Ag Tag” donation. For the second time, the proceeds from voluntary donations to the Agricultural Program Trust fund would be divided equally among 4-H, FFA and Kentucky Proud. Farmers had the option to donate $10 when they renewed their license plates in March.
The 4-H Foundation is excited to announce that the 4-H share for fiscal year ending June 30 was $160,895.06. These funds benefit all levels of Kentucky 4-H. The 4-H share of the donation is split equally between the county where the funds originated and the Kentucky 4-H Foundation. That means part of the donations stay right here in the county, funding local 4-H programs and activities for the youth in the community. The Foundation’s share is used to support state level programs many of the local 4-H members participate in, furthering their positive experiences and opportunities.
Spencer County received $429.35 based upon the amount donated by those who renewed their farm license plates in March.
“We thank those of you who stepped up in their communities to help raise funds for these three outstanding organizations” said Comer. “I can assure you that these programs will benefit from the support of the Ag Tag donations. The voluntary donations from the Kentucky farm license plate renewals help champion our farmers and shape our future leaders.”
More than 237,000 youth are involved in Kentucky 4-H Programs. Kentucky ranks in the top 10 in several 4-H enrollment categories nationwide. All 120 counties in Kentucky have 4-H programs, and all counties will receive a portion of the support from this fundraising opportunity.
“The Foundation is happy to distribute the funds to each of the Kentucky counties — 96 counties increased donations from 2012 to 2013 and 33 counties had $1,000 or more increase in donations over the fiscal year,” said Keith Rogers, executive director of The 4-H Foundation. “This is such an excellent opportunity for the agriculture community to support the youth of Kentucky. We thank all those who donated and helped promote this wonderful program.”