Avian rescue mission: Protected hawk refuses to exit street, local officials unsure if bird was injured

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By Shannon Brock

Kevin Damaske and Justin Oliver worked to corral a hawk that took a stand near the intersection of Garrard and Jefferson streets on Tuesday morning. Business owner Tim Oliver notified the Spencer County Sheriff’s Department that the hawk had somehow ended up in the road and refused to leave.


Deputy Todd McClease said he was unsure if the hawk was injured, had been hit by a car or was in shock from flying into a power line, but the little guy refused to move. Damaske even tried to politely encourage the hawk to walk to the side of the road with a broom, but the bird wouldn’t  — or couldn’t — walk or fly or move any other extremity besides its head to keep an eye out on the small crowd that gathered around it.

After getting the OK from a federal expert (because the hawk is a federally-protected bird), Oliver used his jacket to pick up the bird and place it in a cage provided by Damaske. The hawk was to remain at the Sheriff’s Department until a federal representative could come pick it up.