BACK TO SCHOOL: Fill up on cafeteria knowledge this school year

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Free and Reduced Lunch Applications
Each student should receive a lunch application through the mail this summer. Anyone who wishes to apply must complete and return application to Central Office or their child’s school by August 31, 2011.
Your child’s lunch status will remain the same until that date, after which they will be switched to full pay and you will be responsible for any charges incurred.
There will be applications available in your child’s school office if you do not receive one in the mail. They will also be available at the Health Fair/Readifest being held at SCHS on Aug. 6.

Meal Charges
Meal charges are discouraged and limited to the cost of five lunch meals and five  breakfast meals. Once the charge limit has been reached, a student who is not approved for free meals that comes to breakfast or lunch with no money or bag lunch, shall be provided with a nutritious emergency snack. These snacks will not consist of featured menu items.
Milk and ala carte items may not be charged. (“Ala carte” refers to those items purchased separate from the meal or meal choices.)
Adults/Staff are not allowed to charge meals.

Lunch Prepayments
You may prepay to your child’s account by check made payable to Spencer County Food Service. You may send payment with your child to school or mail to their school cafeteria. You may also pay on-line using the Parent Portal.