BACK TO SCHOOL: School bus rules and guidelines

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The privilege of riding a school bus is conditional upon good behavior by the pupil. Any pupil who violates the rules or regulations for passengers on a school bus will be reported to the pupil’s principal. Continued unacceptable behavior may cause the pupil to lose riding privileges.

Waiting at the Bus Stop
• Arrive five minutes early.
• Stay back from the road five big steps.
• Respect other people’s property.
• Wait in an orderly manner.
• Line up, starting back from the roadway.
• Wait until the bus stops before moving.

Getting on the Bus
• Only board the bus you are assigned to ride.
• Wait for the driver’s hand signal before approaching the bus or crossing the road.
• Cross at least 10 giant steps in front of bus.
• Make sure the driver can always see you.
• Never bend down or put any part of your body under the bus.
• If you drop something, leave it and go tell the driver.
• If you miss the bus going to school, go directly home or to a designated location.
• Never walk to school without your parent or guardian’s permission.
• Once on the bus, go quietly to your assigned seat.

Items not Allowed on Bus
• No weapons.
• No illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco.
• No food or drinks.
• No radios, glass containers or animals.
• No items that cannot be held in the student’s lap without extending above the seat back (i.e. project boards).
• Any item that is likely to cause a disturbance is prohibited.
• No drawstrings on coats or book bags.

Riding the Bus
• Know your bus driver’s name, bus number and route number.
• Obey the driver’s instructions.
• Sit quietly in your assigned seat and face the front of the bus.
• Do not distract the driver’s attention.
• Do not stand in the step well.
• Extend nothing out the bus windows or in the aisle.
• Eating and drinking are not permitted.
• Keep all carry items in your lap.
• Report to the driver any damage to the bus.
• Do not throw items.
• Do not throw trash on the floor.
• Students are responsible to pay for damages they cause to the bus.

Leaving the Bus
• Wait in your seat until the bus stops.
• Do not crowd or push.
• Use the handrail.
• Do not jump off the steps.
• Leave the bus only at your assigned stop.
• Do not go to the mailbox; go immediately to your house.
• If you have to cross in front of the bus, walk three feet to the side, then 10 feet in front of the bus, wait for driver’s signal to cross street.
• Make sure the driver can always see you.
• Check both ways before crossing the road.
• Never stop to pick up a dropped object.
• If for any reason a student needs to go home on another bus or ride another bus to school - he/she must have a signed note of request from the parent that has been approved by the principal.