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These rules are in addition to those in the dress code section of the Code of Conduct handbook for Spencer County Schools:

1. Shirts (Boys and Girls):  All shirts must have a collar and sleeves. Types of shirts allowed are the following:  Polo shirt with fold-down collar; oxford, dress-type shirt with fold-down collar; turtleneck or mock turtleneck. No crewneck T-shirts unless school-approved spirit wear. All shirts with buttons must be fastened to just below neckline and cannot expose cami/undershirt. Sweatshirts must be school-approved spirit wear; attached hoods are acceptable, but must be removed from the head upon entering the building. All sweatshirt/hoodies that are worn in classrooms cannot have any zippers, buttons, or snaps in front or back that would represent a light jacket. It must be pullover style of spirit wear which is defined as: SCHS affiliation, college, military and professional career attire.
Sleeve:  Shirts may be long or short sleeve. No sleeveless or sheer.
Midriff:  No area of the midriff may be shown at any time.

2. Pants (Boys and Girls): Clean with no holes, tears, or fraying of material. Types of pants allowed are the following:  twill, chino, corduroy, khaki, denim or jean with plain or pleated front. Elastic waist slacks may be worn.  Approved spiritwear sweatpants may be worn. Pants are to be worn at the waist – no sagging. Additionally, pants are not to be excessively tight.  No pajama pants are to be worn at any time.
Stretch Lycra, spandex, or nylon tights, leotard, leggings, fishnet, biker pants, or underwear may not be worn as outwear.
3. Skirts/Dresses/Jumpers (Girls): Types allowed are twill, chino, corduroy, khaki, denim or jean. All attire must extend to the knee.  Slits may not be longer than the knee.  Dresses must have sleeves and backs.  Jumpers must be worn with shirts that meet the guidelines in the dress code.
4. Walking Shorts (Boys and Girls): All shorts must extend to the knee and meet the same requirements as pants.
5. Belts:  Belts are not mandatory but if worn they must be the appropriate length and buckled.  Additionally, no wallet chains are allowed at any time.
6. Headgear/Hats: Hats or headgear (e.g., hats, bandanas, visors, helmets, skull caps, etc.) of any kind are not allowed in the building at any time. Hats will be confiscated and will require a responsible adult to pick up from the appropriate administrator.
7. Piercings/Jewelry/Pins: Visible jewelry, pins, and/or piercing are permitted in the ear and nose.  Any piercing or accessory deemed a distraction by school personnel must be removed.  Extra-large hanging earrings will be considered a distraction.
8. Undergarments: Undergarments must not be visible and must be covered by the outer layer of clothing.
9. Shoes: Shoes must be worn at all times.  No house shoes or slippers are allowed at any time.
10. Blankets: No blankets are allowed.
11. Displays/Graphics/Designs: No apparel that displays obscene or offensive words, pictures, or designs/symbols, or that promotes alcohol, tobacco, or drug use are allowed.  No symbols or colors associated with any gang.
12. Jackets/Coats:  A covering for warmth that fastens up the front (or back) in any fashion whether it is zipped, snapped, buttoned, or any other form of fastening may be worn into the school and placed in student’s lockers before 1st period.  Only hooded sweatshirts or pullover sweatshirts that are identified as spirit wear can be worn in the classroom for comfort of the student.
*Enforcement: The enforcement of the dress code is the responsibility of all staff.  Any student out of dress code will be sent home for unexcused for the time absent.  Student may return when in compliance with dress code.

–Provided by SCHS