BACK IN TIME: ‘62 grand jury makes grounds recommendations to county

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50 years ago
April 5, 1962


Upon inspection of the courthouse and other property the grand jury recommended that:
1. A wash basin be installed in the jail.
2. That two additional lights be installed in the jail.
3. The interior of the courthouse and jail be painted.
4. That a reputable electrician be employed to inspect the wiring in the courthouse and same be repaired if necessary.
5. The foundation of the courthouse be inspected and repaired if needed.

Barney Arnold will be the guest speaker at the Teenage 4-H Meeting on April 9. His talk will be on “Careers.”
As WHAS Farm Director, Arnold has close contact with the farm and city folk of the area. The Kentucky Farm Bureau awarded him their first annual communications award in 1960. This award cited him for “the most significant contribution to improving understanding between farm and city people in Kentucky. Barney’s extensive background in farm program production includes farm broadcasting since 1942.
Before joining WHAS as Farm Director in 1952, he was Farm Editor for Radio Station KVOO in Tulsa.
He also was engaged in Agricultural Extension work for his Alma Mater, Oklahoma A and M College (now Oklahoma State University) and served during World War II as information assistant for the Oklahoma State Agricultural Adjustment Administration and l USDA War Board, in charge of production of radio programs.

Dr. Thomas Follis, veterinarian, said this week he has installed a two-way radio in his office and automobile to speed up service calls. When calls are received at his office, Dr. Follis said, he will receive them immediately wherever he may be in the county.

April 12, 1962
The Valley Theatre is planning its grand opening with a showing of “Gidget goes Hawaiian” in rainbow color.

40 years ago
April 20, 1972
The Taylorsville Chapter of Future Farmers of America held their annual parent-son banquet Tuesday, April 11, at the high school cafeteria. Dennis O’Nan, state president of the FFA was guest speaker.

20 years ago
April 15, 1992
The Spencer County High School Explorers, Misty Johnson, Jennifer Keeling, Shannon Davis and Sherry Keeling, compiled this article, titled “Age old question: What’s to do in town?”
“As we set out on our journey to find something to do, we started to look around this happy little town of Taylorsville and this is what we found ... NOTHING!
For the teens of Taylorsville (especially the ones who can’t drive) there is nothing to do. We were looking around and this is what we found.
THE POOL HALL - The pool hall is a nice place I guess, but for some people they will get the wrong idea just by the sound of it and for others it’s just not their kind of entertainment. MIC ZEES - You can always go down to Mic Zees and get the latest and best releases in home video. After a while that gets old, especially for teens.
DAIRY QUEEN - Sure, let’s go to Dairy Queen and get a hamburger. Lots of people go to Dairy Queen and hang out in the parking lot especially in the summer. But again you can only hear so much about people because a lot of the talk is the town gossip.
TOWN SQUARE - My personal opinion of ‘The Square’ is it kind of reminds me of Dairy Queen. All people do is sit, talk and ride around.
LIBRARY - There is always our friendly library, which we have all used at one point in time for something to do for school. Truthfully though, who wants to spend the whole weekend reading a book? Don’t get us wrong because we love to read, but all weekend?
DOLLAR STORE - And of course, there is our friendly Dollar Store. Sure, we’ve all been in there a one point of time but you obviously can’t do much in there. So, really what is there to do that is fun and exciting in Taylorsville? You tell me.”