BACK IN TIME: 1974 - Severe ice storms very costly in four-county area

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60 years ago
Ministers Distribute 41 Boxes To Needy
The thoughtfulness and generous giving on the part of the churches of Spencer County made it possible for the Spencer County Ministerial Association to deliver 41 well filled boxes to needy families of the county for Christmas, according to J. W. Parish, secretary of the association.
The association received over two hundred bags of fruit, nuts, and candy left over from the merchants’ and business men’s retreat to the children. These treats were used in the boxes for the needy.

Coffee Call Broadcast Will Aid March of Dimes
The highlight of the fund raising drive now in progress by the local Polio Chapter in their March of Dimes Campaign will be the “Jim Walton Coffee Call,” radio program heard on station WHAS, Louisville.
The program will be brought to the Valley Theatre Tuesday night, January 19, at 8:00 p.m., and will feature the complete radio broadcast, which will be recorded and re-broadcast January 25 on the morning radio show. Along with the Walton Coffee Call will be guest artists who have volunteered their services for the benefit of the local March of Dimes Drive.
This broadcast is brought to Taylorsville through the courtesy of WHAS and the Coffee Call program at absolutely no cost to the local polio chapter.
Stressing the slogan, “This Year give Double and End the Trouble” the Ministerial Association has vowed to raise over $200 for this year’s March of Dimes.

50 years ago
Spencer County Soil Conservation District Essay Contest Winners Named
Glenna Rogers, daughter of Leo and Viola Rogers, Route 3, Taylorsville, is first place winner. She will receive a $25 U. S. Saving Bond and a Certificate of Merit from The Courier-Journal, The Louisville Times, WHAS and WHAS-TV.
Brenda Montgomery is second place winner and will receive a $7.50 cash prize provided by the Spencer County Soil Conservation District and a Certificate of Merit as runner-up.
Janet Ruble is third place winner and will receive a $5 cash prize from the local S.C.D.
Judy Bowman won fourth place and will receive a check for $2.50. The subject of the 1963 contest was, “Forest Conservation-How It Can Benefit My Community.”

Little Change In Burley Prices
Prices of Burley tobacco since the holidays have been generally firm compared with the week before the holidays. The Federal State Market News Service reports quality of offerings showed little change and some markets are expected to close for the season this week.
Gross sales in the eight-state marketing area for the week ending January 10 totaled 147,142,748 pounds and averaged $59.20 per hundred. This average was up only nine cents from the previous week of auctions. Season sales were raised to 608,506,569 pounds averaging $59.55. For the comparable selling time last year 530,785,000 pounds averaged $60.19.

40 years ago
severe ice storms very costly in four-county area
The icy blast that hit Kentucky Jan. 2-3 felling power lines and causing accidents struck a heavy blow at Salt River RECC consumers.
In the four-county area they serve with electric power, 5,235 consumers were without service, a few for as long as 76 hours where slick roads had them isolated. The number is one-third of Salt River’s 5,787 consumers on the 2,100 miles of line. Worst damage was in Washington County, said Manager I.S. Broaddus, though there was considerable power failure also in Nelson, Spencer and Bullitt counties.
v. c. Redmon, with the Taylorsville Kentucky Utilities office, said one line which serves some 115 customers was down to the Bloomfield city limits, but only for about 65 minutes. Another line at the edge of Bloomfield was out a few hours, but only four customers were affected. A tree which fell across a power line in the lower part of Taylorsville was back in operation within a short time, Redmon said.

Board tackles energy problem
The Spencer County Board of Education at its January meeting adopted suggestions for conservation of energy as passed by the State Board of Education last month. Of main concern is petroleum products essential for transportation. Heating is not the big problem since the school is heated with coal. The board is taking the following action:
Out-of-town trips will be closely curtailed along with cancellation of all senior trips. Maximum security will be maintained for bus gasoline storage and pumping facilities to reduce the improper use and theft of gasoline.
In addition, transportation of non-school groups will be eliminated and an added move for the conservation of fuel includes a joint meeting of the superintendent, principal, faculty and students to promote carpools and curtail driving to school by students when bus transportation is available or the student lives a mile or more from school.

30 years ago
Spencer County
Elementary Honor Roll
The following student lists reflect the students who achieved all A’s or all A’s and B’s on their 3rd report card, Jan. 13, 1984.
4th Grade
All A’s - Janet Crenshaw, Jennifer Huggins, Susanne Jeffiers, Paul Kelly, Michael Manley, Angela Montgomery, Brian Payne, Brent Perry, David Brown, Chris Chesser, Karise Fink, Laree Hickman, Brian Jeffiers, Tiffany Pinkston, Jackie Stout.
A’s and B’s - James Dixon, Stephanie Knopp, Laura Nation, Beth Aubrey, Michael Caudill, Emily Dennis, Jody Johnson, Tera Marion, Rena Perry, Justin Pollett, Scott Sullivan, Leslie Travis, Darrell Treece, Chris Day, Regina Lawson, Shane Murphy, Dana Snider.
5th Grade
All A’s - Eric Collins, Robert Warford, Karen Whitaker.
A’s and B’s - Chris Goodlett, Harold Lloyd, Matt Maudy, Matt Prickett, Brian Redmon, Michelle Whitaker, Barbara Bennett, Heather Brown, Alyson Hughes, Nicole Lilly, Carla Shuler, Lynelle Washburn, Jason Dixon, Brandy Jewell, Shellie Patterson, Gina Truax, Ronda Whitlock.
6th Grade
All A’s - Lori Cheek, Pam Bryant, Jon Willis, Tiffany Caudill, Kelly Coots, Jill Coulter, Stephanie Shouse.
A’s and B’s - Vonda Bennett, Lee Ann Gibbens, Troy Goode, Patty Hilbert, Kim Berry, Tammy Edens, Priscilla Gibson, Robin Henson, Tonya Maddox, Stephanie Smitha, Matt Whitlock, Earl Browning, Whitney Fink, Penny Shields, Kim Coulter, Jenny Dennis, Deneane Atcher.

20 years ago
SCHS Students of the Week
Students of the Week at Spencer County High School for the week of Jan. 10 are:
• The Middle School Girls’ basketball team, coached by Stephanie Redmon and Crystal Ethington.
• Susan Shouse, who placed first in the Spencer County Soil Conservation District and is in the statewide running in the Courier-Journal Water Conservation Essay Contest
• Misty Johnson, who found and turned in a $5 bill.

fourth grade Lady Bears win championship
The Spencer County Fourth Grade Lady Bears kicked off their season with a pre-season tournament in Nelson County in October.
It was a pleasant surprise to look at the scoreboard at the end of the game and witness a victory for Spencer County, who defeated St. Joe by a score of 23-0.
The second game of the tournament was just as exciting with Spencer County defeating Boston 26-1.
Spencer County won the preseason tournament defeating St. Gregory in the final game by a score of 29-6.
The group following the young ladies had realized that the girls not only wanted to have a good time - they wanted to win!

10 years ago
teachers of the month
Diane Wright
Ms. Wright was nominated for Teacher of the Month of December because, according to James Simpson, “She is a great and loving person, I have had a lot of art teachers but none of them has opened my eyes to my artistic side before.” Nominated by James Simpson.
John Saderholm
Mr. Saderholm was nominated for Teacher of the Month of December for his hard work and dedication. His dedication to his students is amazing - he is always willing to come early, stay after school, or come in on the weekend, if any of his students need help. Mr. Saderholm devotes many hours outside of the school day to work with school improvement, such as being a SBDM council member and organizing the science wing mural. His patience and humor is immeasurable with students and staff. Nominated by Bobby Knopp and Lindsey Lilly.
Theresa Newton
Ms. Newton is The Instructional Assistant of the Month of December. Ms. Newton goes beyond the call of duty everyday. She does many extra things for the school that most people don’t even know about. She has perfect attendance and is very punctual. All the students with whom she works appreciate her kind and gentle nature. We are lucky to have her. Nominated by Ms. Fickel.