BACK IN TIME: Citizens get two telephone numbers in 1962

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50 years ago
May 3, 1962


Do you know both your telephone numbers? You do have two — a local number and a long distance number, according to Art Willett, local Southern Bell manager.
“Your long distance number is your regular number prefixed by the area code (502),” Willett said.
Area codes became necessary when the Telephone Company instituted direct distance dialing, he explained.
With the area code prefix, no two telephone numbers in the country are identical.
Mr. Willett rccommended that the area code be included when your telephone number is given to someone outside your home area. Then if they are in an area with direct distance dialing, they will be able to dial your number. The area code is valuable even in places where long distance dialing is not yet available, Willett continued.
To place a call through an operator, you no longer need to give the name of the city and state being called, Willett said.
“Just give the operator the area code and the telephone number there,” he said. “Your calls will go through faster.”
There are over 100 numbering areas used to route long distance calls in the United States and Canada.

40 years ago
May 4, 1972

Modern Equipment, More Efficiency:  Persons in the Mt. Eden and Waddy areas who have been using Spencer County as a dumping ground paid for their efforts in court here last week.
Eight persons were charged $100 for littering, reduced from a maximum of $300.
Trash and Dead Animals: Forester Freeman Inghram said a favorite dumping ground is Possum Ridge Road and, in addition to tons of trash, dead stock, dogs and waste usually found in service stations were found at the site. Water pollution is another result of the dump since a branch drains the area, he said. The no littering sign in the area has been used for a target.
Inghram went on to say that the search for violators is being intensified, and penalties could be severe.
Radios and Aircraft: Officers in this area are now equipped with two-way radios and have the assistance of aircraft in seeking out persons guilty of pollution. License numbers of cars and other information can be obtained without the person or persons being aware, he said. Fortunately, much of the littering is being done by persons from out of the county, according to Inghram. A bulldozer was used to cover the dump.

Opportunities in metropolitan areas are causing young men and women to leave the farm in increasing numbers, and the drain of talent and future leadership in agricultural-related industries has many agribusiness leaders concerned.
Keeping agricultural interest alive in farm youth has become an important project with one group closely associated with farming, the county agents.
The agents have found that routine 4-H Club activities can no longer be depended upon to provide what is needed to maintain the interest of the young people. And they’ve turned to special projects to stir and maintain the interest of the young people.

Ermann Reasor, 86; Claude Summers, 84.

30 years ago
May 6, 1982

Lt. Gov. Martha Layne Collins and other lieutenant governors attending the Spring Meeting of the National Conference of Lieutenant Governors last weekend, met with President Ronald Reagan on Friday to discuss the administration’s new federalism proposals. In addition to the president’s proposals, the lieutenant governors discussed alternate Congressional and public interest proposals for redefining state, federal and local responsibilities.
Collins encouraged a responsible sorting-out of federal/state/local service obligations. She stressed that any successful new federalism program must provide all levels of government flexibility, must enhance the fiscal integrity of all levels of government, and must meet essential needs of service recipients.
During other sessions of the conference, Collins heard Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury Dr. Robert W. Rafuse Jr. discuss the administration’s economic policy and the municipal bond market. Additionally, Collins participated in an international trade forum.
Speakers included the general counsel from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, and the Director General of U.S. & Foreign Commercial Services of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The 3-day meeting concluded on Saturday with NCLG’s Executive Committee meeting. Collins is a member of the committee, and serves as vice-chairman of the entire conference.

An economic development block grant of $250,000 is being sought by Spencer County for construction of a grandstand at the Spencer County Fairground, according to Judge-Executive C.L. Glasscock Jr. The amount could be matched with credit for completed work and area development funds, Glasscock said.
“It couldn’t be done for this year’s fair,” Glasscock said, “because we have to have a hearing and other meetings on it.” A date hasn’t been set for the hearing.