Beware of roadside backpacks

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By The Staff

Spencer County Sheriff Steve Coulter is warning residents that backpacks found along the side of the road could explode or give off toxic fumes.

Coulter said that methamphetamine manufacturers and users have begun storing ingredients to make the illegal substance in backpacks and stashing them to evade the law. The sheriff said that sometimes a group of users each contribute some of the ingredients and then hide the backpack at the side of the road until the next person picks up the bag in a relay fashion.

Coulter is cautioning citizens to not touch any backpack found, but to contact law enforcement. Parents are urged to warn children of touching backpacks or any discarded soda bottles and containers. The ingredients in these containers could not only be toxic, but the residue in the bottle could explode.

If any church, school or civic group would be interested in participating in an awareness class please call the sheriff’s office at 477-3200.