BLOG UPDATE TUES.: From the front lines at the RNC

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By Steve Hesselbrock


Today was very busy with a full schedule. As we entered the hotel lobby we could sense the energy. Everyone looking forward to the first full day of the convention. There are many side events scheduled over the five days in addition to the main session. Lynn and I signed up for two receptions which were scheduled before the main convention in the evening. The first was set for the Kentucky Delegation to be held on Nicollette Island. Nearly all of the Kentucky elected officials spoke about current issues, concerns and the future direction. We had a great lunch and spent a few hours mingling and talking with nearly everyone. It was held in a small house which made for good personal contact. Pat Boone was there and gave a great talk about his concerns and the need for more political involvement. He's such a genuine and articulate person. Also Brett Guthrie, our Republican candidate for Congress, got a lot of attention from the delegates. His qualifications, experience in the military and business, impress all who meet him, but the key point is his down to earth personality. Everyone agrees that Brett will be an excellent Representative in the U.S. Congress.

After the first reception it was back to the hotel for a brief rest and then on to the next reception. Afterward, it was onto the buses and to the Convention Center for the main event! There were no problems from protestors or anarchists and we made it without incident.

The hall was buzzing with excitement tonight! We got to trade passes and go to the main floor to experience the speeches from the Kentucky Delegation seats, which are right up front, next to the stage. I particularly enjoyed Fred Thompson's address. He gave a rousing and thunderous call in support of John McCain and Governor Palin. It's really satisfying when a speaker can clearly make his argument, deliver it precisely and build the excitement to a climax at the end. Fred Thompson brought us and the whole convention out of their seats time after time!

In between speeches we explored the convention hall to sightsee. We ran in to some many interesting political and news celebraties. We saw Britt Hume (FoxNews), Bill Kristol (NY Times and Washington Times), Mike Gallagher (Talk Radio), Elaine Chao (Secretary of Labor & Mitch McConnell's spouse) and Juan Williams (political commentator FoxNews). I was on the lookout for Bill O'Reilly but never saw him. Oh well, there are still two more days.

Joe Lieberman gave a very compelling closing speech tonight. He started slowly and then steadily made his case for his support of John McCain. By the end, I was convinced that he could be a good and credible candidate for Secretary of State in the McCain administration. It's something that has been mentioned often at the conversation here.

Tomorrow we'll be doing volunteer work for the Hurricane victims. We'll either help make up care packages or participate in a bicycle ride sponsered by Humana, who is donating $10.00 for every mile that is ridden. What a great country!!!