BLOG UPDATE WED.: From the front lines at the RNC

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By Steve Hesselbrock


We slept in a bit after a late night. Lynn went out with some delegates to a Styx concert and arrived back at the hotel at some unearthly hour. In the morning (late morning) I went to the Minneapolis Convention Center to see and help with the relief efforts for the hurricane. The bicycle donation ride by Humana was up and going and the volunteers were busy at the convention hall assembling relief packages. It gave me a great feeling to watch people helping other folks unconditionally.

We skipped the offsite receptions today and headed straight for the Convention Hall early. Our bus took the main route but we heard that the later buses were diverted to side streets and off the expressway because the anarchists were dropping 40 pound bags of rocks from the overpasses onto the buses. These people are starting to get on my nerves! When we arrived at the Excel Convention Center, we took a brief tour of the FoxNews Command center. It is by far the largest media operation at the convention and quite impressive. I dragged Lynn over to "radio row" to look for some more notable news people. I can't help it, I'm a news junkie. We found Kevin Farley (starring in the movie, "An American Carol") doing an interview with ABC. When he was finished we spoke and took a picture with him.

Moving through the rows of radio booths, I finally spotted the commentator that I was looking for, Hugh Hewitt! It was 2 minutes before air time. We shook hands, chatted and took some pictures. He is so personable and friendly. His show is on from 6 pm - 9 pm on WGTK AM 970 in Louisville. He's my favorite radio personality, always upbeat and positive. Mission accomplished and on to the Convention!

Lynn said she wanted to make one more stop before we got to our seats. She walked me to the AlJazeera news booth and asked if I wanted to go in. I replied that I wasn't interested. To my way of thinking they are just as bad as the anarchists, only with more funding. She knocked on the door and when it opened she said, "can I come in?" and disappeared through the door! About 5 minutes later she came back out smiling and waving goodbye. She said it was small and unimpressive, but they were hospitable. I can only imagine how they are reporting the convention proceedings.

We sat down in our seats briefly before we were asked to go down to the main floor. We spent the next hour stageside and had a great time. Congressman Hal Rogers and Secretary of Labor Chao were seated in front of us. The excitement and anticipation of Gov. Palin's speech was incredible! I was wondering if she could possibly live up to the expectation.

We went back to our seats to listen to Mitt Romney speak. He brought the crowd to a higher excitement level and then Mike Huckabee turned it up another notch! The crowd was simply electric! Then Rudy Giuliani walked to the podium, looked over the crowd and smiled. I knew then that we were going to hear and very good speech. He simply knocked it out of the park, home run! I stood up so many times that my knees began to hurt. The crowd was at an emotional fever pitch. He left the stage and immediately Gov. Sara Palin strode to the podium. I won't cover her whole speech. If you saw it I'm sure you'll agree that she was simply amazing!! Three weeks ago hardly no one knew of her. Now she was the credible Vice Presidential candidate. What a country! A delegate next to me said that two months ago he was glad to be going to the convention but he wasn't overly excited. Today he was on fire with excitement. What a difference she has made!! She hit a grand slam.

We got back to the hotel and went to the lounge for a bite to eat with our fellow delegates. Kentucky Senate President David Williams walked up to our table and didn't say a word, he just took a slow steady imaginary baseball swing and said, "out of the park!" We all laughed and agreed. Tomorrow is our last night and John McCain will make his case to the American people. God bless the U.S.A.