Board of education welcomes new board members, elects officers

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By Mallory Bilger

The Spencer County Board of Education elected its new officers and selected several other board positions at a special meeting Jan. 15, as well as welcomed its three newest members.
Board members Ange McKinney, representing the Campbranch district, Janet Bonham, representing the Elk Creek district and Debbie Herndon, representing the Waterford district, served in their official capacity for the first time at the meeting.  
Board member Jeanie Stevens was reelected as board chair and Sandy Clevenger was elected vice chair. According to Kentucky Revised Statutes, the chairperson presides at all board meetings, may appoint special committees, may call special meetings, may make or second motions and vote on motions and shall countersign all board orders, including contracts and reports.
The vice chairperson performs the chair’s duties if absent, according to the statutes.
The board retained Chenoweth Law Firm as its legal representation and district Chief Financial Officer Vicki Goodlett as its treasurer. Superintendent Chuck Adams also retained his position as board secretary.
According to statutes, the treasurer shall execute an official bond for the duties of the office. The treasurer receives all monies to which the board is entitled to by the Constitution or by statute, and shall deposit those funds in the designated accounts. According to the statutes, the treasurer shall withdraw funds only upon the board’s direction.
The treasurer must also keep an account of all board funds and make reports concerning them. The treasurer must preserve financial records and turn them over when needed, including, but not limited to, during financial audits. According to the statutes, the treasurer also shall issue checks for legal claims payments as authorized by the board.
The statutes designate the secretary as the board records keeper and the secretary must sign all orders of the board. The secretary is the custodian of all securities, documents, title papers and other board papers as directed. The statute states that the secretary shall be present at board meetings except when the tenure, salary or the administration of the office is under consideration.
The secretary cannot be a member of the board and the superintendent may hold that position, according to the statutes. If the superintendent is appointed, he shall not receive compensation in addition to that received for serving as superintendent.