BUSINESS MATTERS: Free edition today

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By Lynette Mason

Many of you found something that you did not expect to see when you went to your mailbox and found today’s edition of the Spencer Magnet. Customarily, it is towards the end of July each year, as families work hard to prepare for the upcoming school year that we, too, are working hard at the Magnet to publish and distribute our annual Back to School countywide  sample edition.  Last summer, over 9,300 copies of the Magnet were printed and distributed not only to our regular subscribers, but to every household and business in the entire county.

For our staff of six employees, this was certainly no small feat. Yet now, and with a smaller staff, we have done even more. Today, you are holding our first countywide “Spring Sample” edition, coupled with our annual Easter section. And, you can still look forward to our countywide, “Back to School”, edition which will be published the last Wednesday in July.

In today’s economy, it is nice to get something free. However, without the support of myriad businesses and organizations that purchased advertisements this week, this section would not have been an affordable venture for us to undertake. Preparing, printing, and distributing over 9,000 copies of today’s edition is indeed costly and we thank all of those who purchased the advertisements within these pages. 

More importantly, I encourage each of you to visit our local businesses when you are shopping for Easter or when you are in need of any of the goods and services that these businesses offer. As they continue to invest in and support our local economy, we, too, need to promote their success by continuing to invest our money locally in order to do what we can do as citizens to help our community grow and thrive. 

We truly appreciate all of you who regularly support our newspaper whether as a loyal reader or a subscriber. Week in and week out, each one of this newspaper’s staff of five work hard to provide a high quality, interesting, and informative product. So whether you have been a longtime reader of our paper or a new resident, we sincerely hope that you enjoy this complimentary edition.