BUSINESS VIEWPOINT: The Magnet is our county’s preferred choice

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By Lynette Mason

For most of us, there is some measurement used to gauge our success, or relative strength, within our markets. Schools use test scores as one of their measurements of success, banks are judged by their financial scorecards, and newspapers are judged by their respective circulation numbers as compared to other media in their competitive markets.

Once again, the numbers are in, and once again, the Spencer Magnet is the preferred print reading material for Spencer county residents.

Towards the end of each year, the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) releases circulation figures of publications throughout the country. This report is received by our parent company, Landmark Community Newspapers, and the report is broken down county by county. The information is then sent on to each of their county’s newspapers, complete with information related to their own local markets.

Out of the 6,400 households listed in the ABC report for Spencer county, we are pleased to report a circulation upwards of 4,245 – the highest in number by far. In comparison, our closest newspaper rival, The Courier Journal, has a circulation in Spencer county of 1,353, and that is a pretty big spread between us and number two!

These figures are important to us because they tell us how well we match up with the competition in our quest to earn the highest share of our reader market. As in many years past, The Spencer Magnet rates far above its closet competitor. No other media has this kind of reach into and throughout our communities.

Strong communities are built through strong relationships and connections, and no other media connects its people in the way that we connect them. That’s our job, and we will continue to try our best to please you – our readers –with the best that we have to offer.