Can we drive 55?

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By John Shindlebower


Motorists driving along KY 55 approaching Taylorsville from Elk Creek have had a hard time determining whether to put their foot on the brake or the accelerator for the past month, as new speed limit signs have been placed, and then removed.

The confusion seems to be the product of a mistake when new signs were placed, and the limits have now been restored to what they were more than a month ago, said Andrea Clifford, public information officer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 5.

“Our Spencer County maintenance facility had sent us a complaint saying that the 55 mph speed limit sign was missing on KY 55 leaving Taylorsville a couple of months ago. It appears that the signs were reinstalled at the wrong location, extending the 45 mph zone farther north, away from town and the Country Mart, than what it is supposed to be,” said Clifford.

In early July, signs indicating a new, lower speed limit of 45 miles per hour were placed just after the crest of the hill coming into town. The road is straight and about four tenths of a mile to the entrance of Country Mart and any congested area, but the new, slower speed limit caught a lot of people by surprise.

Spencer County Sheriff Buddy Stump posted on his Facebook page that his office was unaware of the reason behind the new speed limits. The statement went on to suggest that many people who drove the road daily may not have been aware of the change.

Clifford said recently, the engineer over traffic signs has marked the correct zone change and issued a new work order to correct the signs.

“This was an honest mistake and the speed zones have not changed,” said Clifford.

There is a new sign alerting motorists at the crest of the hill that the 45 mph zone is ahead, but the signs are back where they were originally.