CAUTION: Speed limit change on Glenview Drive

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By Brent Schanding

County officials will reduce the speed limit on one residential street after neighbors there complained about fast drivers and dangerous conditions.  

A speeding driver on Glenview Drive hit Tina Piercy’s family dog last week — it could’ve easily been a neighborhood child, she said.  

The frustrated mother said neighbors have considered throwing a box of nails in the street to slow dangerous drivers.

The residential neighborhood has become a thoroughfare for those hauling boats to nearby Taylorsville Lake. Even a small semi-tractor trailer has been spotted on the street, she said.

“A lot of people are concerned,” Piercy told members of the Spencer County Fiscal Court at a Monday morning meeting, in an appeal to address safety concerns in the neighborhood. 

A sign already warns drivers not to exceed 35 mph, but she said many disregard it.

That’s why each person on Piercy’s street signed a petition to lower the posted limit.

“We’ve seen several going faster than 35 mph,” she said. “The lady that hit my dog was going a good 50/55.”

Members of the Spencer County Fiscal Court agreed Monday to lower the posted speed limit on Glenview Drive to 25 mph.

Spencer County Judge-executive David Jenkins said state law prohibits installing speed bumps in the area.

Neighbors hope the new signs will improve safety. 

Magistrate John Riley encouraged deputies to survey the street and better enforce existing traffic laws.