Cheerleader takes the field day after hospital stay

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By John Shindlebower


The Spencer County Bears’ football players were not the only ones showing a tremendous amount of heart Friday night. On the sidelines was a freshman cheerleader for Spencer County who left the hospital the previous day following several days of treatment for her recently diagnosed Lupus.

Jessica Wilson had complained of aching muscles and joints for some time and her mother began seeking answers weeks ago. Following a trip to the hospital and then follow-up visits to doctors for blood work and tests, it was eventually discovered she was suffering from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. It can be an ailment that she carries with her for life, but many of the symptoms are treatable with the right medication.

Her mother, Lottie Wilson, said her daughter missed last week’s game and was actually in so much pain she was unable to walk. After her diagnosis that week, she was admitted to the hospital on Monday to begin treatment and gradually began feeling better. She left Kosair’s Children’s Hospital on Thursday evening and was looking forward to being back on the sidelines for Homecoming on Friday.

“She was so excited about the game,” her mother said. “She really wanted to be out at the ball field. She is a very strong child.”

Wilson said her daughter felt much better Friday and had a good weekend and doctors have told her that many of the symptoms can be treated with medicine, meaning that Jessica may have a full, healthy life ahead of her, but with the potential from some painful, aggravating flare-ups from time to time.

Wilson is confident her daughter will keep a positive attitude and won’t let the disease stop her from cheerleading or doing other normal things. Wilson is also thankful for the diagnosis that provided answers to a very worried family.

 “It’s a blessing,” she said. “Two Sundays ago she was crying for God to take the pain away and we were just praying for answers.”