Church builds Habitat house walls in half a day

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By Robin Bass

The sound of so many hammers banging nails was almost deafening outside Spencer Christian Church Saturday morning, but it was the hearts of the volunteers that spoke to Melissa Davis.


“Seeing all these people has been quite emotional,” said Davis, the county’s second recipient of a Habitat for Humanity home. “When we pulled in and saw all these people, I lost it. They didn’t know me, but they chose to be here to help me.”

Seventy people signed up to help assemble the wooden skeleton that will eventually become the Davis family home. Men, women and even small children took part in what Associate Minister Ben Barnes called a church service project. Within a few hours, the small four-bedroom house was completely framed and being temporarily assembled on the church lawn.

“We’ve had a great time doing this,” said Barnes. 

Before lifting the first 2x4, church members joined in a worship service. They sang songs, prayed for the Davis family and learned a little bit about Crossroad Mission – an organization that uses volunteers throughout the county to build homes.

Andy White, of Crossroad Mission, oversaw Saturday’s build. Volunteers were divided into 15 groups and each given a drawing of their small section of the house. Each precisely cut board displays an identification number to make sure there are no errors. Teams rely on experienced crew leaders to make sure all the angles are square.

“We make this very user-friendly,” said White, who was pleased to have the opportunity to work with members of his home church.

Parents were also pleased to involve their children in the selfless act of charity.

“It’s great for our family,” said Jack Combs of his wife and three sons. “It allows us to realize how fortunate we are and to use our time and talents to bless others.”

Lauren Henderson, 13, said she was invited to attend Thunder over Louisville with some friends Saturday, but chose instead to swing a hammer all morning.

“I wanted to help because it just feels right,” said Henderson.