City looks to ban concealed weapons

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By Shannon Brock

The October regular meeting of the Taylorsville City Commission was postponed until next Tuesday at 5 p.m., and one of the items on that agenda is expected to be the second reading of an ordinance banning concealed weapons from city buildings.
The ordinance was called to the city’s attention at last month’s meeting by Stephen McBride of the Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition.
The city has had signs declaring that concealed deadly weapons are not allowed in city buildings since the city annex was built in 1999. However state laws say that the signs must be backed by an ordinance, which the city did not have.
McBride asked that the city either remove its signs or pass an ordinance to be in compliance with the law.
City Attorney Dudley Dale brought an ordinance before the commission at its last meeting. That ordinance was approved on first reading by vote of 4-1, with Mayor Don Pay voting against it.
McBride told the commission that laws prohibiting concealed weapons force people to carry openly.
“The only people that those signs affect are people with concealed carry licenses,” McBride said, adding that those people have already been vetted by the state.
It’s also difficult to know if someone is carrying a concealed weapon, he said.
“How will you ever know? You’ll never know it’s in there until they decide to use it,” he said.
Commissioner Ellen Redmon, who says she uses a gun every weekend in recreational activities, said she thought it would be a good idea to pass an ordinance to back up the signs and prohibit concealed deadly weapons in city buildings.
Redmon made a motion to that effect. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Jack Proctor.
“[The ordinance will] force a lot of people to carry open, and I’ll probably be one of them,” Pay said before voting.
The ordinance will not go into effect until it is passed on second reading. The second reading is likely to occur Tuesday at 5 p.m. during what will be classified as a special city meeting.
The regular meeting was moved from this past Tuesday so that commissioners could attend the Kentucky League of Cities Conference.
Any citizen wishing to speak at the Tuesday meeting is asked to contact City Clerk Steve Biven by noon Friday. Biven can be reached at 502-477-3235 or sbiven@taylorsvillewater.org.