CLICK IT OR TICKET: Seat belt campaign runs through Memorial Day weekend

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Submitted to the Spencer Magnet

Motorists who refuse to wear their seat belts — beware. The 2013 national Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement mobilization kicked off this week and will run through June 2 to help save lives by cracking down on those who don’t buckle up.
Taylorsville Police are joining with other state and local law enforcement officers and highway safety advocates across the country to help save more lives by strongly enforcing seat belt laws around the clock.
“Too many drivers and passengers on the road at night are not wearing their seat belts, and it all too often ends in tragedy,” said Lt. Rick Jewell. “Our goal is to save more lives, so Taylorsville Police will be out enforcing seat belt laws — day and night.”
While seat belt use is at a record high of 86 percent nationwide, Kentucky lags behind with an 83.7 percent usage rate.
There were 746 total highway fatalities in Kentucky in 2012, with 592 killed in motor vehicles. Of those 592 fatalities, 62.5 percent were not wearing a seat belt.
Even though this year’s Click It or Ticket enforcement mobilization runs through Memorial Day weekend, motorists should know that officers are out enforcing seat belt laws year-round.
“Those who choose not to wear a seat belt will feel the heat from our officers who will be out cracking down on Click It or Ticket violators. Motorists should buckle up every time they go out, both day and night,” said Lt. Rick Jewell. “Our officers are prepared to ticket anyone not buckled up ... no warnings and no excuses. Click It or Ticket.”
For more on the national Click It or Ticket mobilization. please visit www.nhtsa.gov.