COLUMN: Adams outlines recent district accomplishments

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by Chuck Adams

Greetings to you! Humility is the “power word” of the day.  Most of you understand how much I enjoy the great outdoors; especially the first weekend of deer season.  As I heard my wife, Sondra, shoot early Saturday morning, my mind automatically drifted to what I would write in my Superintendent’s Notes today.  Since I’ve been there before (too many times as a matter of fact) I had already assumed that she would be standing proudly over a large buck as I once again had to hang my head in shame, but alas, she missed!  Considering I’ve never seen her miss before, I assumed that she felt sorry for me for fear of destroying my self-confidence.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I need another hobby; racquetball, anyone?
 • Congratulations to our bookkeepers; Karen Freeman, Connie Bowman, Gina Brian, and Martha Crenshaw, as well as our Finance Department at the Central Office; Kathy Morganstern, Gwen Shouse, Dawn Cox and Vicki Goodlett for their efforts, task completion, and attention to detail.  The Spencer County School District audit had no findings!
• Congratulations to TES staff member Beth Coke on her nomination by a parent for going the distance for all students with her commitment to the children at TES and constant involvement in various school initiatives and activities!
• Congratulations to Bland Baird and Daryl Matherly for their recognition by the Kentucky Department of Education as a “Top 10” Agriculture program in the state as it relates to the CATS assessment!
• Congratulations to SCMS on their invitation to present strategies for improvement at the recent Kentucky Middle School Conference in Louisville!