COLUMN: Be mindful of workers on the road

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By Curtis Ochs | Solid Waste Coordinator

I stated last week that the Summer Roadside Litter Abatement Program will be the last week of June, and if all goes well, it will wrap up the first week of July, weather permitting.
This means when we are on the roads, we need to watch for people helping clean up our roadsides. We have several crooked roads, and we have a lot of cars on the roads, so we all need to be on the watch for what is around the next curve.
On that same note, we are all accustomed to the weekly garbage collection routes by our hauler, Rumpke. At any given time on any given day, garbage collection is going on throughout our county. The men doing the work are at the mercy of the drivers behind and in front of them. They are just a few feet from getting injured or killed at any time.
I would plead with the driving public to please slow down and give them a measure of safety as you pass.
Again, be alert, and help us protect those people in their efforts to keep our county clean.

Curtis Ochs is the Spencer County solid waste coordinator.