COLUMN: Bench players play role, too

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By Shannon Brock

Most of the state is abuzz with chatter of the University of Kentucky Wildcats ending a 13-year Final Four drought.
Lots of national attention has been placed on Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb — the fabulous freshmen that Calipari teams are becoming known for.
Now, sportscasters are starting to pay attention to our veteran players, DeAndre Liggins, Darius Miller and, Jorts himself, Josh Harrelson.
But, if you ask me, some very important role players aren’t getting the attention they deserve.
Not to overlook Jon Hood and Eloy Vargas — because they’ve been putting in quality minutes as of late — but the efforts of Stacey Poole and Jarrod Polson have gone virtually unnoticed.
And sarcasm, dear readers, this is not.
Watch Saturday’s game closely — Poole and Polson will undoubtedly greet their teammates during timeouts and post-game with an energy that is difficult to replicate.
These young men may not get much time on the court, but no one seems happier when the Cats go on a run or jump for victory after beating the likes of West Virginia and North Carolina.
As a Cats fan, I love these guys. How could you not?
Poole and Polson, who, most days, are facing zero playing time, cheer for their team and are behind their teammates 100 percent.
Talk about team spirit.
You’ll notice from time to time, I’ll ramble about sports because I’ve become a die-hard sports fan. Most likely those columns won’t be on the sports page either because I believe the lessons learned apply across all fields of life.
When life hands you difficult circumstances (like sitting on the bench of Final Four team), take it with a smile and cheer on those around you who are enjoying their successes.