COLUMN: Church break-ins present sad situations

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By Shannon Brock

Last week, First Assembly of God and Plum Creek Baptist Church were linked together in our paper because they were the host churches for two Sept. 11 remembrance ceremonies.
This week, the two churches are linked again in our newspaper for far less hopeful circumstances – each church has been a victim of burglary over the past few weeks.
Now, we’re not saying the parties responsible are the same or that the crimes are related, but we are saying it’s a shame two of our visible, community-focused churches are victims of such acts.
We all know we’re in the middle (or, I hope, nearing the end) of tough economic times. But how rough do times have to be for it to sound like a good idea to break into a church?
While it would be easy to get mad at these unknown perpetrators, my guess is that these people are the ones who are most in need of our prayers and outreach.
Maybe if those who broke into First Assembly had been at the church on the morning of the Sept. 11 service, they would have been so touched and convicted, that they would have repented right there. Maybe they would have even returned the (empty) safe they took from the church.
Maybe if those who broke into Plum Creek Baptist Church over the weekend had spent the prior Saturday afternoon out at Waterford Park mingling among the friendly faces who offered food, games and music – all free of charge – to anyone who wanted to partake, they would have felt some other desire. One more fruitful than to steal a few dollars and some equipment from the church office.
First Assembly of God, Plum Creek Baptist Church and many other churches and organizations in Spencer County do nothing but give to this community.
It’s a shame someone felt the need to take from those who probably would have offered help to begin with.