COLUMN: City website is step in right direction

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By Shannon Brock

It’s no secret that we here at The Spencer Magnet are in favor of open government.
We champion just about anything that increases the amount of information the taxpayers get to know about their government.
And let me remind you, taxpayers, it is your government. The money in the city, county, state, etc., bank accounts no more belongs to those who decide how to spend it than it belongs in my personal checking account.
(We, the people, elect them as our representatives, thereby putting our trust in them to spend it well. But that’s another day, another tangent.)
Recently, the city launched its new website, www.taylorsville.ky.gov. While this site certainly isn’t the answer to all of our prayers, it is a step in the right direction for open government.
With a few clicks of the mouse, citizens can read ordinances dating back to 2009, and they can see agendas and minutes online, too.
According to the page for agendas and minutes, the website will serve as another place for the city to announce its special meetings, as well.
One of my favorite features is a fill-in-the-blanks open records request form available for download on the new site.
I’m sure the staff at our office will make use of the form, and I hope some of you reading this paper will use it as well.
So, kudos City of Taylorsville. You are by no means required to make all of this information freely available to your constituents, but you are – and we appreciate it.
Let’s keep up the good work.
Maybe next on the open government agenda will be a policy that lets citizens speak their minds in meetings without signing up three business days in advance.

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