COLUMN: County gets ‘rolling recycling center’

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By Curtis Ochs | Solid Waste Coordinator

We have wrapped up the Summer Roadside Litter Abatement Drive, and I thank one and all who helped give our roadsides a good cleaning. As in the past, we will have a final cleanup in the fall during the last week of October and the first week of November. Watch the paper for final instructions.

We are going into a new area with our county recycling program. As you know, we have the Spencer County Recycling Center on Industrial Drive for our citizens to use as a drop off for their old newspapers, plastic bottles, aluminum drink cans, tin cans, old cardboard and other items that can be recycled, renewed and reused.
In our present economic condition, reusing as much of our trash as possible makes sense.
Also, knowing the cost of transporting recyclables can be prohibitive, the county is starting a program to make recycling more convenient to our outlying residents.
Spencer County Recycling now has a “rolling recycling center” in the form of a large compartmented trailer that will hold most of the above-mentioned items.
We also have five  area fire stations scattered throughout the county. The county will put the trailer at each fire station for a weekend so the folks in the area can have an easy way to dispose of a bag of water bottles and a bag of soda cans without driving all the way to the main recycling center.
It will be advertised in the Spencer Magnet where the trailer will be next. The trailer arrived Wednesday, Aug. 24, and will be ready for use the first weekend of September.
We will alter our methods as changes are needed, as our goal is to make life easier for our citizens, and keep them glad they chose to live in Spencer County.
If you have any questions, drop in at 220 Main Cross St. or call me at 477-3218.