COLUMN: Early spring, early opportunities

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By Curtis Ochs

This year, it feels like spring came a month ago. Warm weather, flowers blooming and grass growing are all signs of spring. We also need to consider all the activities spring brings. We have Commonwealth Cleanup Week that began Saturday and non-profit groups can sign up to be a part of our Spring Roadside Litter Abatement Drive.
We also need to dedicate our efforts as citizens of Spencer County to improving the appearance of our county for our visitors, and reducing the amount of litter and trash we can see along our roadways. The more we can recycle, renew and reuse, the longer our natural resources will last. The more we renew and reuse, the less the cost.
The litter we pick up in the form of water bottles and soda cans can save up to 95 percent of raw materials used for production. It’s like money in the bank when we can save barrels of oil from being used in producing our products.
Let us head into spring with the goal of zero waste on the ground and strive to recycle every usable item possible.
Remember, all non-profit groups can come by the office and sign up to be a part of the litter abatement drive that will last to the end of April.  If you have and questions, call me at 477-3218 at the Planning and Zoning Office.