COLUMN: Election or popularity contest?

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By Shannon Brock

This week, I am personally applauding Jack Proctor and Richard Johns, who, you may have seen, are the only two candidates who have filed, thus far, to seek a seat on the Taylorsville City Commission.
Why am I applauding? Because they’re not playing games and waiting until the last possible second to declare their intent.
When I’ve asked different officials in city and county government why they think most everyone is waiting until the final minute, I get the same response — they all want to see who else is running.
The race is not for Taylorsville Homecoming Queen. It’s not a popularity contest and anyone who doesn’t file up-front in fear of losing out shouldn’t be filing at all, if you ask me.
And I don’t mean to leave out the other nonpartisan races (for school board and the Soil and Water Conservation District). The very same goes for you.
Perhaps my feathers wouldn’t be so ruffled if I could get reasonable justification as to why our candidate hopefuls are keeping their intentions on the down low. But until then, I can only assume it’s because they’re afraid of losing out on the crown.
So thank you, Mr. Johns and Mr. Proctor, for stepping forward while everyone else waits.