COLUMN: Exciting changes coming in clerk’s office

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by Lynn Hesselbrock | County Clerk

Many exciting changes are occurring at the clerk’s office in regard to the vehicle registration process from the state level all the way down to the local clerk’s office level. At the state level is a new program, which has been in the works for over two years: it is called KAVIS. KAVIS is an acronym for Kentucky Automated Vehicle Information System. This program has been a joint effort between the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the 3M Company. The reason for the change to the vehicle registration process can be summed up in the KAVIS vision which is to “provide the Commonwealth with a flexible, customer-centered information system for vehicle and boat titling, registration, and financial management.”
It is the hope that this change from our current system will streamline business processes within the county clerk’s office and make operations more efficient. All this will be done in an attempt to better serve the citizens of Spencer County.
To this end, and to facilitate communication between the state and counties, the Transportation Cabinet has developed a website called the KAVIS Konnection. This website will provide our office with current updates on the status of the program as well as provide computer-based training programs to help prepare for the transition to the KAVIS system, which is now projected to go live around October 2013. This website will also be useful to get answers to questions concerning new processes or make suggestions to make the program easier to use, as well as being a good method of communication between the state and our office.
Spencer County is in a unique position as we have been chosen as a test site for working out the bugs in the KAVIS system before the go live date. Our office will be equipped with special equipment in a quiet area in the deed room, so that our staff can practice with minimal interruptions. The Transportation Cabinet has nicknamed this practice area and equipment as “the sandbox”. All of our staff will be encouraged to spend one hour per day practicing in the sandbox, and reporting any problems in the system. We have been encouraged to offer suggestions for improvement in the system to help develop the most user-friendly system possible before the system is officially rolled out.
There are currently eight counties who are pilot sites for this important project.
The counties and the Transportation Department are striving to reduce travel time and expense by using conference calls as a means of communication between live meetings. This will be a useful tool for each county to report problems encountered and to share ideas for improvement to the system.
The sandbox pilot began last week and will continue on an interactive basis through completion and roll out in October. We will have weekly information-sharing conference calls to outline our practice assignments for the following week.
The new equipment needed for the pilot program has arrived in our office and we are awaiting installation by the Transportation Department, along with instruction on its use. Each staff member will be issued an identification number to better communicate ideas or problems directly with the KAVIS team in Frankfort. Over the last several months, we have been in the process of “data cleansing” the current information stored in our system so that we will have the most current and accurate information when we move forward with the KAVIS system. We have done corrections on such things as addresses, social security numbers, and updating our unreleased lien reports.
The staff at the clerk’s office is excited to have been chosen as a pilot county for the KAVIS project and we hope to be ahead of the curve compared to other counties as we draw closer to the go-live date. Our sincere hope is for an easy transition to the new system, minimal disruption to customer service with the bottom line being improved and cost-effective customer service for the people of Spencer County. We ask for your patience as we take turns practicing in the sandbox, which may mean slightly longer wait times, but we believe in the end, you will be pleased with the KAVIS system, and the benefits it will bring to the operation of the office, because we are here to serve you.