COLUMN: Fathers: Be strong

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By Jon Rohr

These days it is out of fashion to encourage men to be strong and courageous, but with Father’s Day coming up I think it is time.  When television shows tend to portray men as sex-starved incompetent children and our elected representatives can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, we have a problem.  Lately, our heroes play basketball or football and we ignore their character if they can score a few points.  We are being taught that strength is just some macho bravado and that courage is out of date.
Families are under attack and one of the worst attacks is the lie that children do not need fathers.  Sadly, statistics show our prisons and drug rehab facilities are full of young men and women who did not have a father at home.  Both boys and girls need a father in the house, and not just a live-in boyfriend.  A recent review of census statistics shows that less than half of households in Kentucky are traditional husband-wife homes, and sadly some see this as progress.
Men today need strength of character, the strength to stand for what is right, and the courage to face the future with boldness.  The Bible tells us, “be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the Lord.” (Ps 31:24 NLT)  We need men in our homes and families, in our communities and churches, who are willing to stand up and be counted.
Let’s start looking for real heroes in men who love their wives and stay with their children.  Let’s celebrate the men who struggle through a tough economy, but manage to bring home a paycheck to provide for their families.  Let’s applaud the men who stand for authentic faith and values, the men who not only take their children to church, but who are willing to lead at home and in the church.
Let’s stop settling for the standards that Hollywood and Washington sell us, let’s raise the bar higher.  Let’s start right here and right now by teaching young men and young women about Biblical character and courage.  Let’s show them a better way in our homes and in our churches. Let’s start today, all it takes is for us to “be strong and very courageous!” (Josh 1:7 NIV)