COLUMN: Find the Spencer County way to deal with waste

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By Curtis Ochs

Last week I was having visions of events from the past. Our minds tend to play games with us when we think back to the “good old days.” As kids, we may have been really happy with our lifestyles, but I am sure our parents had their share of problems and troubles.
Today, in the real world, our lives are adversely affected by the conflicting opinions concerning adjusting to the conditions we find ourselves dealing with, on a daily basis. We have to make decisions based on what we think will be the best for our families and ourselves. We all deal with this issue daily.
We, in the Waste Elimination/Recycling Sector, are always facing differing opinions on how to effectively deal with the Solid Waste Stream created by our citizens.
One theory is landfill all waste, giving various reasons for using that method. Next is the opinion that all waste has a use, from reuse in manufacturing, to creating compost, even from food scraps.
Our goal in Spencer County is recycling all items that can be sold, and, based on how the county grows, leave the door open to some of the options on the table today.
We have about 18,000 citizens. To try to match what Jefferson County can do from a volume viewpoint is not feasible at this time. Down the road, we may adopt other avenues for preventing waste from going to landfills. We do consider that the last resort.
We are preparing to have our Summer Roadside Litter Abatement. We get aid in the form of grant money from the state to buy bags, gloves and, most important, have money to share with nonprofit groups to work in the clean-up. All groups are paid on a per mile basis.
We invite the leaders of the groups to come to the office and sign in, get road assignments, and the equipment necessary the week of June 25. Due to uncertain weather conditions, we will allocate the month of July to complete their roads.
Again, groups sign up the week of June 25, and will have the month of July to complete their assignment.
If you have questions, call me at 477-3218, or drop in the Office at 220 Main Cross St. (behind the Sheriffs Office).