COLUMN: Fireworks not in the cards for us?

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By Shannon Brock

Will Spencer County ever have a fireworks show to celebrate Independence Day? I thought the answer was finally a resounding “Yes!” last week when all signs pointed to a night of fun at the lake on July 6. But Mother Nature had other plans.
Inches and inches and feet of other plans.
Thursday through Saturday, Spencer County, along with many other nearby areas, received so much rain we could have started to build an ark.
The rain boosted Taylorsville Lake to 17 feet above the normal summer levels, and with the water expected to decrease at most a foot per day — without any more rain — it could be more than two weeks before the lake, boat ramps and marina are back in normal shape and ready to host a fireworks display.
Organizing groups, though, say the show will go on — even if it takes a few weeks to get started.
The fireworks have been paid for, and Lord willing and the creek don’t rise (again), we’ll get to see them soon.
Heads up, Spencer County. Perhaps toward the end of the month, we’ll just have another reason to barbecue, gather and enjoy each other’s company.
If only Mother Nature holds out.