COLUMN: Glasscock leaves us with many happy memories

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I learned early Tuesday morning that Spencer County stalwart C.L. Glasscock passed away. C.L. was a true friend of the newspaper and my immediate reaction was to be heartbroken.
When had I last seen him? What had we talked about? What would be my last memories of this wonderful man?
However, my coworker, Mallory Bilger, was quick to say to me, “I have complete certainty he is with Jesus.”
This comment was enough to make me shed a joyous tear.
Any of you who met C.L. or read his weekly columns that ran right here in The Spencer Magnet for a long time know how much he loved Jesus. He wouldn’t let you out of his sight without sharing his love for the Lord — and I admire that about him.
C.L. accomplished so much for this county through his public service as sheriff and county judge-executive — so much that it would be an injustice to try to mention it all in this brief space.
Instead, I’ll share some of my favorite memories.
C.L. and I didn’t exactly get off on the right foot. When I took the editor position at the Magnet, I was unfamiliar with C.L. and his relationship with the newspaper.
When he approached me about continuing his religion column, I asked to see a few examples of his writing — typical procedure for someone asking to write on a regular basis for a newspaper.
However, C.L. felt he had proven himself to the newspaper and ended up submitting a letter to the editor explaining how we didn’t see eye-to-eye.
Thankfully, we contacted C.L. and resolved whatever miscommunication there had been and his columns continued on a regular basis in our newspaper until he chose to stop them not all that long ago.
C.L. quickly became one of my favorite people to stop by our office and I always enjoyed my conversations with him — whether they were about local government, religion or stories from his past. He valued my opinion and I valued his.
He will truly be missed by our staff and I can personally say he will forever hold a special place in my heart. While our hearts and minds are filled with sadness, we can take joy in knowing that as surely as anyone is in heaven right now, C.L. Glasscock is there reaping his rewards.
Our newspaper has lost a true friend and our community has lost one of its most valued citizens. But surely, our loss is heaven’s gain.