COLUMN: Great help deserves great thanks

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By The Staff

All too often, we hear the question, “Where can you find good help these days?” On Saturday night, the staff of The Spencer Magnet found a great answer.


The Magnet provided the appetizers for Saturday’s Progressive Dinner and needed a few extra hands to keep our fare replenished.
Jan Kehne, who deserves massive credit for putting together the entire event without a hitch, rounded up Spencer County High School juniors Gage Daniels and Tim Brown to help serve, and she found U of L senior Joey Bentley to entertain our guests with his saxophone.
Joy Thompson sent freshmen Zoe Brooks-Jeffiers and Clay Culver our way.
All of our wonderful helpers are pictured on this page, and we can’t say thank you enough.
Joey played his saxophone without ceasing, and Gage, Tim, Zoe and Clay are among the hardest workers we’ve seen.
Complete with “yes, ma’ams” and “no, sirs,” our helpers were on their game. They kept the flies away from our food and filled up empty dishes faster than we could see them get empty.
Given the option to leave a few minutes early, one replied, “No, ma’am. We said we’d help and we’re here to the end.”
So, to Joey, Gage, Tim, Zoe and Clay – as well as Jan and Joy – thank you so much from all of us at The Spencer Magnet. We appreciate all of your help and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you on Saturday evening.