COLUMN: Have you misplaced something?

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By Jon Rohr

I am a fairly organized but not necessarily neat guy. For example my keys go in the same place each night. That spot may get filled with other scraps of paper or coins, but my keys will always be there. That way I can always find my keys.Most of us do the same sort of thing; we find ways to keep things from getting lost. The other day I went looking for a little gadget (a digital recorder) I always keep on my desk. I use it every Sunday, so I keep it in one place. Now my desk is a sort of natural disaster area. But I can usually find what I want.
But this past Sunday morning I start to head out the door and I reach for the recorder and it’s not there! But it is ALWAYS there! I start demolishing the piles on my desk looking for that little gadget. It is only about a quarter the size of a TV remote, so it can disappear pretty easily.
My desk, already a wreck, now looks like a bomb has gone off on it. Papers slide onto the floor, piles are turned upside down, nothing! No recorder. Then in exasperation I looked up shaking my head and there it was, in plain sight, just sitting there on the shelf just above my desk! I suddenly remembered putting it there so I would not lose it amidst the piles on my desk!
Sometimes people just don’t think right. We get mixed up, we get confused, we get anxious, we can’t remember things, and that can really cause problems! Maybe that is why the Lord cautioned us, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5–6 ESV)
Our own understanding can sometimes be faulty. We forget where we put things, we let our emotions get in the way, and we can run to the wrong conclusions so fast it makes our heads spin. That is why we need a sure foundation to lean on, someone who knows us inside and out. The Lord always has our best in mind, He always understands the situations we are in, He can always show us the right path.
Finding a little recorder is not a big deal, but figuring out how to raise a family is! The Lord gives us some great guidance for that in His Word. Losing your keys for a few minutes is inconvenient, but losing track of your money can be devastating. The Lord has great advice for us on managing our finances.
Every area of our lives is important to Him, and He wants to help us. Along the way we just need to trust Him. Are you trusting Him today? Is there an area in your life where maybe you need to trust Him more? Start today, start now, and let Him make your paths straight.