COLUMN: Help our county ‘look good’

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By Curtis Ochs

We have all heard the comment, “spring has sprung.” I am writing this on March 30, and the temperature is to be around 80 degrees. This has been in effect all month. We may have set a record for one of the hottest March averages on record. This raises several questions. Is this a normal climatic change? Has the jet stream lost control? Are we using too much fossil fuel? Can we continue at the rate we are going and afford to live? On a drive last night, I saw plenty of $4.14/gallon gas ads. We are subject to “brownouts” if we all turn the switches at the same time. We have yet to come to a reasonable conclusion as to how to deal with the problems. More windmills? More solar heat panels? More landfill “waste to energy” by trapping the methane gas coming from our landfills and using it as fuel to generate electricity. It makes our heads hurt to consider the problems.
What we as citizens of the good ol’ US of A can do is make every effort to “recycle, renew and reuse” as much of our throw-away waste products as possible. If we grind up the old asphalt on our roads, and blend it with fresh tar, we can save natural resources and save money at the same time. Recycle aluminum cans, for it will use 95 percent less energy to reuse as from raw materials. Old cardboard looks bad, but it is one of the best items to recycle because of demand, and 100 percent can be reused. Same with plastic. It will cost us money to collect and haul these products to a landfill to be buried. By recycling, we save money all the way around, as we do get paid for recycling.
As you know, this issue of the Spencer Magnet is complimentary, going to every household in Spencer County. This may be the first issue you have read. We hope you are one who likes to recycle, renew and reuse every possible waste item. We have a drop-off recycling center located at 175 Industrial Drive. It is available for your use 24/7. We have special programs throughout the year.
We have a solid waste coordinator willing to help you with any disposal problems you may encounter. That’s me and my name is Curtis Ochs Jr., and I have a desk at the Planning and Zoning Office at 220 Main Cross St., just behind the Sheriff’s Office. The phone number is 502-477-3218.
Again, if you have a question, or a problem, please call. We are here to help Spencer County look good.