COLUMN: Keeping it local, and doing it well

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By Shannon Brock

If I’m going to do something, I want to excel at it.
The reverse is also true: if I don’t pick up something easily, I’m likely to stop trying.
I never learned how to ride a bike or whistle because it didn’t come easily right away. Occasionally I try whistling again, but I get frustrated and stop nearly as soon as I start.
I also would rather play caddy for my husband when he plays disc golf than play myself because I’ve yet to master the game. How can I master it when I never play? Good question.
I know, it’s not a great message for the kiddos, but it’s my personality and I think it has something to do with the reason I fit well at a community newspaper.
Don’t see the connection? Let me explain.
A couple weeks ago a lady called our office and asked if we would be running pictures of the royal wedding in our next issue. Given the uniqueness of the event — it’s a once in a generation type of occasion — I’m certainly glad she asked because it was a good question.
My answer was that if it didn’t happen in Spencer County, it most likely wouldn’t find its way into our paper.
Sometimes we localize national stories or even international stories. For instance, if we knew of someone from Taylorsville who attended the royal wedding, that might have been worth a story, but just the wedding itself — not our cup of English tea.
Yes, it was a huge deal. And yes, I saw my share of coverage of Kate’s dress. But it’s something you could get, and probably did get, anywhere else.
We like to excel in our coverage.
No, we’re not perfect. We make our share of mistakes, and hindsight being 20-20, there are plenty of things we know we could have done differently pretty much on a weekly basis.
However, we take pride in covering Taylorsville and Spencer County like no one else can.
No one else will give you a page of photos from the local National Day of Prayer event.
No one else will publish a collection of Spencer County High School senior essays.
No one else will tell you how record rainfall is affecting your neighborhood farmers.
We are your number one source for local news. We cover Spencer County, and we kick butt doing it.
Yes, we know anything we could have tried to provide you about the royal wedding, Osama bin Laden’s death or any other national/international story probably wouldn’t have been as good as what ABC, NBC or CBS provides. So we’ll leave that to them.
But when it comes to local news and things that immediately impact your life — we’ve got you covered.