COLUMN: Kudos to schools for honoring vets

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By Shannon Brock

One of the sweetest sights you’ll ever see is that of a child honoring a veteran.
Luckily, for Spencer County veterans, that sight was somewhat abundant over the past week or so.
Our staff had the privilege of covering two events specifically at which veterans and their contributions to the country were in the center.
Taylorsville ElementarySchool hosted a veterans concert, photos of which can be found on page A-8, last Thursday. I love the sound of children singing, and there’s something just a little bit sweeter about hearing children sing the words of our national anthem and the like.
What was equally impressive was the amount of artwork created by TES students to recognize and honor veterans. Thankful hands, poems, stars and stripes in red, white and blue — they all decorated the hallways on the way into the TES gymnasium.
Then, on Monday, which was actually Veterans Day, Spencer County Middle School hosted a Pancakes with Patriots breakfast, pictures of which can be found on page A-11.
Veterans were invited to breakfast and sat down for a meal with students to share tales of their time in the service.
While I’m sure these were not the only efforts by our schools to honor veterans, they were the ones of which we were told and they were spectacular.
As an elementary or middle school student, I know I didn’t have the respect for our servicemen and women that I do now. However, Spencer County Schools are on the right track in instilling those values in our children at a young age.
A great job and high five to all of the administrators, teachers and students involved.
We join them in saying, thank you, veterans. Our freedom did not come freely. We thank you for your bravery and your service.