COLUMN: Meetings highlight vegetable diseases, poisonous plants

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By Bryce Roberts

Now that it looks like springtime has finally arrived, many of us will turn our attention to our gardens, yards, and pastures.  I think all of us are glad that spring is here for now at least.
Many of us have our gardens up and growing, but with the cooler temperatures that we have had over the last few weeks, some of us haven’t been able to get our gardens out yet.  But once the plants start growing, it is almost inevitable that your garden will get some sort of disease on tomatoes, squash, etc.
Next Wednesday, May 22, the Spencer Co. Cooperative Extension Service will be hosting a class on vegetable disease diagnosis and how to deal with those diseases.  Dr. Kenny Seebold, UK Plant Pathologist, will be on hand to discuss diagnosing disease and the proper way to treat the diseases, including preventive measures you can take.  This meeting will start at 6:30 p.m.
Switching gears, every year I get weed samples brought in to be identified and whether or not they are poisonous to animals.  Since we have had a wet and cool spring, many of the weeds are jumping ahead of schedule here so far.
To help you deal with what could possibly be poisonous plants, we will be hosting a session titled “Identifying Poisonous Plants.”  Mike Pyles, Trimble Co. Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources, will be on hand to discuss poisonous plants and their effects on animals.  This session will be held on Thursday, May 30, beginning at 6:30 p.m.
We do request that you call our office at 477-2217 to register for these sessions so that we have enough materials for all participants.  Both meetings will be held at the Spencer Co. Cooperative Extension Service office, which is located at 100 Oak Tree Way, off Highway 44 going toward Mount Washington.  We are located just past the Spencer County Middle and Elementary Schools on the same side of the road.
Feel free to contact me at your Spencer County Cooperative Extension Service at 477-2217 or you can email me at broberts@uky.edu.  You can visit the Spencer County Extension Services’ website at www.spencerextension.com.
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