COLUMN: Picking my guests on ‘This is Your Life’

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By Lynette Mason

Many years ago, there was a television documentary that was broadcast called “This is Your Life.” The series first ran from the early 1950s to 1961 and it was revived for a couple of years in the early ‘70s, eventually fizzling out with a few shows in the early ‘80s. The essence of the show was that the host would surprise a guest and then he would take them on a stroll down memory lane in front of the audience.
This look back at their life would include special appearances by those who were instrumental in their life, including teachers and colleagues who they hadn’t seen for many years, or friends and family who had played especially important roles in the guest’s life.
What does this dinosaur of a show have to do with my life today? Allow me to share.
A couple of weeks ago, I took off on a solo road-trip of about 1,000 miles. For some reason, during the first miles of my drive, the show was jogged from somewhere way back in my memory and I started to think about some of the people who have been important characters in my life script. Then, I wondered if I had ever played such a prominent role in another person’s life that, if the show was airing now, that I would surely be called by the TV producers to get to Hollywood so I would be there to help that person celebrate their life.
On the later thought, I reconciled that the phone call might have come for me to be there for a family member or possibly even a former employee or work colleague, but my mind quickly left that train of thought and I began to think of some of the people who I consider important in my own life story. As I reminisced, I was actually surprised by some of the guests that I thought would be called upon to help me celebrate on the show.
As was the case with many others, my husband, my son and either of my parents or grandparents would likely be there. The show’s producer would have to determine which of them would be the best to call.
And, which of my teachers should be called? That’s easy – none of them. I could not distinguish one more important than the other, so no calls would have been made to have that special teacher there.
Which of my bosses, supervisors, or managers might be called? Well, none of them either.
So, who is it that would dominate the slots of the broadcast time in my, “This is Your Life,” show? That’s easy. It would be my work colleagues and those I have the responsibility of supervising.
If that fated show is revived once again, and if by chance, I’m invited to showcase my life story, then we’re going to have to close the Spencer Magnet office for a couple of days. Along with a few carefully chosen family members, there would be my co-workers at the newspaper. I’ve found far more value in learning from them than they might realize. The current Spencer Magnet staff is the most dedicated, hardworking, and honest group of people that I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend my working (aka most of my waking) hours with and what they have taught me over the years is far more valuable to me than what I have learned from any other colleague, boss, manager, or supervisor, over the years. And, for that, I’d like to sincerely say, “thank you” to each of them.
And, while I’m thanking people – I want to thank you, too. Thank you for your trust in us, thank you for your business with us, thank you for being a reader or a subscriber to our newspaper.