COLUMN: Ready for spring? Most of us are

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By Shannon Brock

No one is indifferent to spring — at least that’s what our poll results from last week would indicate.
While an overwhelming majority said they’re ready for sunshine and warmer weather, I’m actually surprised a whopping 12 percent of voters said they prefer the colder weather.
Driving to work on Monday, I laughed aloud listening to radio advertisements, which had clearly been placed well ahead of time. “Spring has sprung,” they said. “It’s getting warmer,” another chimed.
In Kentucky, on March 25? Not so much. There was no spring in sight and the last time I checked 32  degrees F isn’t warm at all. Instead, drivers took their time in case snow falling steadily started to freeze.
Weather is something we all have opinions on, and living in Kentucky — anywhere in Kentucky — there’s always a weather opinion to be made clear.
Mine is this: Let’s move on to warmer days with temperatures at least in the 50s. The Spencer County High School graduation date is set now, so I know I’m not the only person hoping the snow takes a hike until Christmastime.