COLUMN: Recent storms make us look back and ahead

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By Curtis Ochs

We have just witnessed a disaster similar to the April 1974 storms that roared through the central part of the United States.
The destruction is beyond belief. Loss of life for the acts of nature. Memories that will last a lifetime. But the American spirit will again lift us back into a normal routine for living that will last till the next event.
We were very lucky here in Spencer County. Some pictures taken from Taylorsville show a very large probable twister in a huge black cloud passing overhead. Had it touched down, it could have been destructive.
The way things worked, all we have to clean up are our own little messes scattered up and down the sides of our roads, and piled in hollows around the county.
One event to do so is Earth Day, which is April 22, when we admit we need to do better, and be more aware of the limitations of our ecology. But before that, we have Commonwealth Cleanup Week, the March 17-24, when volunteers gather up trash and litter in known areas of concern.
Then, beginning in the middle of March, we welcome non-profit groups signing in to be a part of our Spring 2012 Roadside Litter Abatement Program.
The leader or sponsor of a non-profit group will need to come to the office at 220 Main Cross St. and sign up, get bags, gloves and paperwork to be a part of the action.
A monetary reward will be awarded on per mile basis. A road or roads will be assigned at the time of entry. We again will start with an eight-mile limit per group.
If you have any questions, call me at 477-3218, or drop in the office.