COLUMN: Recycle aluminum and save energy

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By Curtis Ochs

As you read this, the Waste Tire Amnesty is history for four years, the Fall Rumpke Curbside Pickup is finished, and we have our non-profit groups lined up to collect the roadside litter for our Fall Litter Abatement Program.
If you missed the Waste Tire Amnesty, please call me and tell me why, so I can make the necessary adjustments in our method of announcing events to the public at large. If, for some reason, you missed the curbside junk pickup notices, call me and tell me what could be done that would catch your attention.
We, as citizens of Spencer County, have a moral obligation to keep the earth that God created for us clean, and the natural resources sustainable. Aluminum cans are an excellent example.
One of the main items littering the highways and byways of America are discarded aluminum drink cans. Now, scrap aluminum represents about 34 percent of America’s aluminum supply. As I have said before, recycling aluminum cans only takes 5 percent of the energy needed to refine raw materials. Another plus is scrap aluminum will bring over 90 cents a pound on the open market. We can see some money coming into the county by our labors cleaning up the county.
We are going to continue to strive toward the goal of reducing the use of virgin raw materials by increasing our ability to recycle and reuse more varied products, and decrease the amount of materials sent to the landfill. We evolved into a throw-away society over the last 50 years, now we must recycle and renew and reuse as many products as possible.
If you have questions and/or concerns, call me at 477-3218.