COLUMN: Savor the excitement of graduation

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By Shannon Brock

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending the graduation ceremony for Hillview Academy. If all goes according to plan, I will also attend the Spencer County High School Class of 2012 graduation ceremony in Frankfort on Friday night.
I’m just an old sap at heart (to these spry, young folks, anyway), and it doesn’t take much to get me a touch on the weepy side and feeling proud of our students.
Perhaps it’s because I covered education for so many years as a reporter/news editor. Perhaps it’s because, at 27, my classmates are at the beginning stages of planning our 10-year high school reunion. No matter the reason, I have a sentimental affection for those graduating this year.
I remember the anxious excitement that comes with graduating from high school — you’re anxious because you don’t know exactly what is coming next, but excited because you’re moving on to the next big adventure.
So, to the graduates of 2012, I urge you to hold onto that feeling. Rightly, you’re proud of yourself, and I hope you have the motivation to feel like you can do anything — because with focused determination, you can.
For some of you, the road has been rough. You may not be sure which turn to take next or if you have what it takes to get there. I’m here to tell you that you do.
It’s likely you had some of the same feelings when starting high school or perhaps hitting a rough patch over the last four years — but look how far you’ve made it.
Some of you probably can’t wait to have your diploma in hand, ready to enter the “real world” and get out on your own. Independence is a wonderful thing, but don’t forget the hands that have held yours along the way.
Hillview graduates, remember the emotion with which you delivered your graduation speeches. Bottle it up and take it back out when you need a confidence boost.
SCHS graduates, enjoy every last second of your graduation on Friday. Savor the rush as you step across the stage to accept the diploma you’ve earned.
You know not what tomorrow brings, but you’re equipped to handle whatever may come.