COLUMN: 'Squeak' for change on Ky. 44

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By Rep. Kim King

By Shannon Brock

Three accidents occurred on Saturday within eight hours of each other and probably within fewer than eight feet of each other.
Two motorcycles and an SUV fell victim to a sharp drop-off along Ky. 44 West inside of city limits heading out of Taylorsville.
This roadway — the twisty, turning Ky. 44 — has been on the state’s “schedule” for years. Several phases of the project have been completed, but none of those phases entails construction or implementation.
So we are left with another dangerous roadway in Spencer County. The thing about Ky. 44 is that it also stretches through Mount Washington and into Shepherdsville. Many in these areas also have seen wreck after wreck and undoubtedly want their roadway to be a top priority, too. And this could be good or not so good for Spencer County.
We would all jump for joy if construction on the road began soon, but where would it begin first?
I don’t have the direct answer to that question, but I do know the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”
Mount Washington and Shepherdsville each trump Taylorsville in population and through sheer numbers alone would be squeakier. My point is this: we need to be the squeakiest.
Citizens, join with your local leaders and contact your state officials. “Squeak” so loud we can’t be ignored.
Though one injured in Saturday’s wrecks was flown to Louisville for medical attention, we are lucky the results aren’t far worse.

Speaking of state officials, Spencer County has new ones thanks to a redistricting bill passed last week (See more on A1). I’d like to give a shout out to our new Sen. Jimmy Higdon, who, within a day of becoming Spencer County’s senator, reached out to our newspaper personally to say hello and give us a way to contact him when needed. I can honestly say that hasn’t happened to me before, especially so quickly. Sen. Higdon, I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful, open working relationship and look forward to meeting you soon.