COLUMN: Standing in the gap

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Find an area of need in which you can serve the Lord

By Jon Rohr

I enjoy sports, I guess football, baseball and basketball are my favorites.  And they all have something in common. The best teams know how to play defense, they fill in the gaps.  On a football team, closing the gaps quickly means that the running back can’t make a big gain.  In basketball, filling the gaps means shifting so the other team doesn’t get an easy layup.  In baseball, the infield shifts to cover the gaps so that the batter doesn’t get an easy hit.
That ability to shift, to cover the gaps is essential to protecting your team.  And it is just as essential in life.  There are gaps in our walls.  The wall of morality has been torn down to almost nothing.  Young couples live together before marriage and we never talk about the pain and heartache that can follow.  Drugs infect our communities and we look the other way because after all, people have to earn a living.  Our elected officials follow the winds of opinion polls rather than the dictates of conscious and we say that is just the way things are.  Our children go to school, but it seems that despite the money we spend, they don’t get the education they need.
Everyone looking at this can probably name some area in our communities and families that is crumbling.  We need people who will truly stand in the gap for us.  In Ezekiel the Lord says, “I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.” (Eze 22:30 NIV)
We need people who will stand in the gap before the Lord.  People who will clearly say that money is not the solution to every problem.  Money without morals is deceitful and destructive, adding to the problem rather than inspiring a solution.  We need men and women who will stand in the gap before the Lord and speak the truth from God’s word.  That finances get fixed when we start saving and stop borrowing, that families are better off when one woman marries one man for one lifetime, and that morality is not situational, it is based on God’s Word and his standards.
Stand in the gap before God this week.  Ask him where you can take your stand, what part of the wall he is asking you to rebuild. Ask his help, then stand!