COLUMN: With summer upon us, remember to recycle

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By Curtis Ochs

We are now into the “lazy, hazy days of summer,” according to the song. We have many issues we need to address so we can forget lazy. First up, we have been very lucky to have been approved for a grant from the Kentucky Pride Fund to purchase a new heavy duty baler for the recycling center. The new baler will help compact cardboard and paper products into tighter bales and create more bales in less time.
With the aid of our neighboring farm owner, Wayne Sweasy, and the county road department under Todd Burch, a lot of the drainage issues around the recycling site have been corrected, and the appearance much improved.
Under the leadership of Karen Spencer, our recycling center head, the two warehouses have been much improved.
We had the County Waste Tire Amnesty under the supervision Burch at the county road department on Fairgrounds Road in the middle of May, with more than 1,500 waste tires collected.
Our Spring Roadside Litter Abatement Drive was a success, with more non-profit groups involved than ever before. We intend to have a summer drive, but due to  the number of groups in the spring cleanup, we are going to be forced to adjust our plan to match the state requirements. We will announce the dates as soon as possible.
The county is making every effort to help our citizens recycle their reusable waste. The more we can recycle, the cheaper it will be to form new items.
I had the honor of recycling a half full can of some type of drink picked up in the square parking lot. I also have seen waste tires discarded against the bridge abutments. This is not counting the various items discarded along the roads of our county. We could have several dollars free for other uses if we all would take the time to use our recycling center and help keep our county neat and clean.
Have a pleasant Fourth of July, and pick up your trash.