COLUMN: Thoughts from the past week

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By Shannon Brock

While there was no shortage of good ideas for the new Spencer County Public Library at a public meeting last Thursday, I, for one, have to say I was quite disappointed with the turnout.
I counted around a dozen people at the meeting — and that count included the library director, the architect in charge of the project, a representative from the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives, three library board members and this newspaper editor.
Luckily for you dear readers, these people, and the other five to six in attendance, had what I would dub as good ideas for your new library.
The library will more than double in size — increasing from 6,000-square-feet to 16,000-square feet — so it will be able to serve our ever-growing population.
The goal is for it to be set up similarly to the current library in the aspect that it will have a meeting room complete with kitchenette that is separated from the library, so it can safely and securely be rented out after hours.
The library will undoubtedly be filled with the latest technology and, let’s not forget, books.
I guess my point is that I hope you will make use of this library when it is finished. By the sounds of it, it will have all the amenities you could ever want.
So, if you weren’t willing to put in your two cents about what you would like to see and use, I hope you’ll actually see and use it when it’s complete because your two cents are going toward that, whether you utilize it or not.

Our lovely reporter Mallory Bilger wrote a wonderful story about local hero, Jonathon Gray, who is currently serving in Afghanistan.
Mallory’s story reminded me of all our service men and women, including Tech. Sgt. Gray, who are protecting our dear country overseas or here in the states who may not get to be with their family members this holiday season.
I know I take for granted all the freedoms I am afforded because of the great sacrifices made by these heroes in the armed forces.
And although my thank you is small in the grand scheme of things, I wanted to take this opportunity to say those words to our home-grown heroes.
Thank you for your sacrifice.
Thank you for your bravery.
Thank you for defending our great nation although it means holidays, birthdays and other important days away from your family so that we can spend it with ours.