COLUMN: We’re among heroes every day

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By Shannon Brock

I spent Friday night on the couch trying to fight off what has now become a full-fledged cold. So much for that, but it’s not like I would have moved from in front of the tv anyway. When my eyes weren’t reading the latest tweets to stay updated, they were glued to the national new stations as America awaited the capture of a terrorist.
Once the suspects in the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings were identified, law enforcement officials in and around Boston spent hour after hour trying to capture them.
As a lot of you now know, one of the suspects was killed during the chase and the other was ultimately pulled from a boat, in a private backyard in Watertown, Mass.
My focus is not on the horror these brothers created, nor is it on the trial or punishment the surviving brother should get. Instead, it’s on the bravery of the police, detectives and investigators who put their lives on the line to capture a very dangerous man.
What a scene in Watertown on Friday night. As armored vehicle after armored vehicle left the scene Friday night, citizens who had been locked in their homes all day began to cheer, clap and yell in support of their heroes.
While we may not know the exact extent of the danger those families felt all through the day last Friday, we have heroes in our own communities who put themselves in danger every day.
While perusing Facebook before work on Monday morning, I saw something especially precious that touched my heart more than words can say.
A young girl right here in Spencer County wanted to thank the police for catching Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Knowing that the family couldn’t exactly make the trip to Boston, the little girl’s mother helped her bake a batch of muffins, which they then delivered to Officer Kevin Mills of the Taylorsville Police Department.
“Knowing they couldn’t drive to Boston to deliver [them], but wanting her daughter to fulfill her dream of thanking the police, [her] mom drove her to Taylorsville,” Chief Toby Lewis posted to the department’s Facebook page.
The muffins were accompanied by a hand-drawn, hand-written thank you card, a picture of which is also posted on the Taylorsville Police Facebook page.
This young lady knows what she’s doing, and I hope she never changes her outlook.
While our police and sheriff’s departments may not have been on the scene in Boston, they are on a number of scenes every day. The same goes for firefighters, paramedics and EMTs.
These individuals never know where their jobs will take them day in and day out, and truth be told, they don’t know if they’ll make it back home at night when they leave in the morning.
So, for the Boston Police Department and first responders everywhere, thank you for all you do. You make our world a better, safer place.